Room 10

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Room 10 as it was during The Event !!

Thanks to a member of The Collectors.....we now have great pictures of Room 10 packed with many new Objects never seen before !

( pictures courtesy of ( ABQPROPGUY ) from The Collectors !!! )

Enjoy !!!!!

Room 10

The Bed and End Tables with sweet Objects !

The Suitcase, Camera and Luggage Rack !!

The End Table with The Clock, Wallet, Pencil and Pocket Change ! Notice the cameraman !

The Desk !!! look at all those awesome Objects ! yes there is a Cigarrette Butt Object !!!

The Dresser and The Pen, The Knife, The Glasses, The Radio, The Ice Bucket, The Drinking Glasses, The Serving Tray, The Wastebasket & The Chair !!

The bathroom with The Iron & Towels !!

The Other Dresser !!

The other dresser's Objects up close !

The end table with The Bible and The Harmonica !!!

The Desk with The Typewriter & Umbrella !!

The Chair, The Pants, The Shoes and The Iron !!

The sink and The Bar of Soap and The Toothbrush !!

The closet with even more unknown Objects !!