Lost Room Photos

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Lost Room Photos and stuff

Here are some pics from The Lost Room that I think are cool....hope you like them too !!

The Lost Room Premier w/ The Cast & The Creators Christopher Leone, Paul Workman and Laura Harkcom.

Room 10

The Motel Sign

The house in Estancia NM where The Bus Ticket drops you off....

Here's a pic of Christopher Leone & Laura Harkcom at Comic-Con 2008.

Another promo pic....

Here is a pic of The Press Kit given to the media before The Lost Room was actually shown on Sci-Fi....it is Very Very Rare !! It contains a dvd of some rough cuts from the show, a key and fob and a press release document.

The infamous Sunshine Motel

The Vault photos

This is a crew vest given out to the cast & crew of The Lost Room ! I was lucky enough to find this one on Ebay in brand new condition and never worn with the tags still on it !!

A pic of a promotional "Door" for The Lost Room.

This is a picture of the ACTUAL key used in The Lost Room...currently owned by Christopher Leone !!

The Medicine Cabinet with The Comb, The Tooth Powder, The Brush, The Foot Powder & The Borated Powder !

The Bathtub with The Soap Wrapper & The Soap Bar (unwrapped) !