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Here are my Objects of The Lost Room

Hi !

My name is Charles ( A.K.A. Chucklbunny ) and here is the site of my Object Collection from The Lost Room mini-series that showed on The Sci-Fi Channel back in 2006. The Objects in the show are various 1950's thru 1970's items that could be normally be bought anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide. All Objects from the show really exist EXCEPT for The Pack of Cigarettes, The Postcard, The Bars of Soap, The Polaroid & The Wedding Photo...those were crafted by Sci-Fi's prop dept just for the show...all the rest are real existing items but none of them have any supernatural powers at all ! (Bummer !)

I try to have THE most show correct Objects I can......which is difficult ! but I try nonetheless !!

As a plus I will have other pics and promo stuff from The Lost Room ! Enjoy !



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I have The Watch and it's 100% correct so I added it to Objects Page 2 !! 

                         My current Object total is 105 !!!!!


Get you watch today at:  Watch Link


Key Fobs Galore !!!!

Here is a pic of my promo key fobs from Sci-Fi and an extra Room 10 fob I have. Pic shows both sides of the fobs.

From L to R is:  Room 10 key fob - Key Fob from The Press Kit - Sci-Fi Promo fob - Sci-Fi Quest Promo fob.


Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more Lost Room news......




Chuckles  12/24/16    8:15 pm

Room 9 ( a place to ponder the mysteries of The Lost Room )

Is The Occupant in control of all reality ?? Are the Objects his tools to do the job ??

I believe Eddie "inherited" somehow the power of control of all reality, it was either something he touched or interacted with whether he knew it or not.


There is a back story to Eddie McCleister.....of that I am sure.






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